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The Soje brand

The SOJE brand

Our mission

Soje is a Canadian company that creates high-end menstrual lingerie, menstrual and classic swimwear, durable and eco-responsible, so that each of us can feel beautiful and good in all circumstances, at home , at the office or while traveling!

By purchasing Soje menstrual panties, not only are you supporting a Montreal company, but you are also supporting our great team, our partners and an entire network of local people. For this, we can only say thank you!



At Soje, we think and do things differently. The quality of the materials and the beauty of the designs are our priority and there is no limit to our creativity. Soje aims to offer you a special and unique product that you will fall in love with and that you will not find anywhere else.

We work with carefully chosen local partners as well as Canadian companies with recognized expertise in lingerie, who, like us, are committed to a job well done and have the well-being of their employees at heart.


Promote local talent and expertise

We are committed to supporting and developing our economy and local know-how. All our creations have therefore been developed and carefully crafted around local actors. Producing locally in Quebec allows us to follow the evolution of our products and to benefit from the experience and expertise of our partners who have been working in the field for decades and who, like us, want the success of our unique products.


Contribute to the well-being of women and the environment

Taking care of women and our environment is at the center of our concerns. We want to create products that improve women's quality of life and their self-esteem during this often unpleasant moment that comes back every month. Menstrual panties are an eco-friendly solution as they help reduce waste generated by disposable feminine hygiene products. All our materials are eco-responsible, durable and free of silver nanoparticles.


Encourage creativity and push boundaries

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits. We want to give free rein to our imagination and our originality in order to create innovative, unique and distinguished products. We are convinced that it is the details that make the difference!


Choose noble and eco-responsible materials

To create our adorable menstrual panties, we carefully choose our favorite materials. Each of our models is made with premium quality fabrics that are antimicrobial, anti-odor, hypoallergenic and certified without silver nanoparticles or harmful substances.


A few words from the founder

Working for more than 10 years in the fashion industry as a designer, I have always had a strong sensitivity for the work of the material, its quality and its composition, its textures and its comfort, but also for its impact environmental and societal.

Soje was born from a need I felt as a woman to better equip myself during my periods. By informing myself well and surrounding myself with experts, I discovered the environmental scourge and the dangers linked to the use of disposable hygienic products.

Not only is my collection made 100% locally in Montreal, from design to production, but it also brings a touch of glamor to the wardrobe of my clients, who like me, want to feel elegant and feminine regardless of their cycle. .

I believe that every gesture counts. With more than 45 billion hygiene products thrown away each year, I want to believe in my mission. That of offering the best in menstrual panties in terms of their performance, durability and aesthetics. Better for your health, better for the planet.

With all our love, thank you for trusting us!