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Coco Flax Bar - Natural Soap & Stain Remover for Menstrual Panties

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Discover the Coco Lin Citron Stain Remover Soap, your solution for natural and effective cleaning. Specially formulated with Quebec flaxseed oil and lemon, this soap powerfully tackles tough stains, including menstrual blood. Ideal for menstrual panties, it cleans deeply while preserving fabric quality.

How to use: After rinsing blood from your menstrual panties in cold water, rub the inner gusset with Coco Lin Citron soap, gently work it in, then rinse again or soak for about 15 minutes if needed. Follow with a regular wash, and remember to air dry your panties!

Ingredients: Coconut oil, water, Quebec flaxseed oil, sodium hydroxide, lemon essential oils, sodium lactate.

This fantastic product was created by Les Mauvaises Herbes inc.

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